• $1000 Question: Required Documents for Federal Programs. Answer: What are Time and Efforts?
    This session will provide answers to every question you could possibly think of in regards to Time and Effort documents. These forms are mandatory for districts receiving federal forms. Let’s assure these are accurate so districts don’t have to repay funds. We are all in this together!
  • 2021 Revised College- and Career-Ready Standards for English Language Arts
    Join this interactive session to learn more about Nebraska’s revised college- and career-ready standards for English Language Arts. Participants will review a draft of the standards and major revisions. We’ll also explore the implications for classroom instruction and the role of instructional materials.
  • A Truly Comprehensive Needs Assessment-Aligning NDE’s Processes into One New and Improved Tool
    NDE worked with over 60 education stakeholders for nearly 5 months to develop a second version of its comprehensive needs assessment. During this interactive session attendees will be introduced to the new tool and NDE will gain information on user experiences and potential use cases for 2020 and beyond.
  • Addressing the Whole Child to Enhance Student’s Learning and Achievement
    Identify opportunities and share resources to enhance current practices in integrating whole child education and health systems to promote the social and emotional learning skills students need to be college and career ready, such as educating on skills needed to collaborate with others, monitoring their own behavior, and making responsible decisions.             The session will highlight … Read more
  • ADVISER Dashboard User group
    The ADVISER Dashboard aims to provide a starting point for developing a student performance dashboard that puts near real-time, actionable information at the fingertips of educators. It includes a user interface with metrics that educators identified as critical to improving student achievement. This in-person only session focuses on collecting ideas, features and functions to continue … Read more
  • Beyond HVACs: Elevating Districts’ Transformational Investments
  • Bridging the Digital Divide Part II – School Districts Arranging Internet to Student Homes
    The COVID-19 pandemic and the broadband requirements for teachers’ and students’ ability to carry out remote teaching and learning from home exposed the thousands of Nebraska households that had no internet or a lack of internet. This problem is not easily solved, but there are steps that school districts can take to ensure that every … Read more
  • Bridging the Digital Divide— Collecting and Mapping Student Home Internet Data
    The COVID-19 pandemic and the broadband requirements for teachers’ and students’ ability to carry out remote teaching and learning from home exposed the thousands of Nebraska households that had no internet or a lack of internet. This problem is not easily solved, but there are steps that school districts can take to ensure that every … Read more
  • Choosing What’s Right for Your Students: Selecting and Implementing Evidence-Based Strategies to Address “Learning Loss”
  • CIP/TIP/MTSS-Alphabet Soup and more
    In building capacity for the scale-up of the MTSS framework and to support districts in an environment of strong local control, Nebraska has required each district to review their student data and establish a Targeted Improvement Plan (TIP). During this presentation, the Office of Special Education will help districts understand the targeted improvement plan as … Read more
  • ConnectED Nebraska, Powered by eduroam
    ConnectEd Nebraska is a collaborative initiative between the NDE, State of Nebraska, and ESU leaders to standardize and enable roaming wireless internet access—called eduroam—across the state. By partnering with schools, museums, libraries, community colleges and universities, deploying eduroam allows students, teachers, and administrators to connect securely and seamlessly at participating sites. Learn how pilot schools in Kearney, Grand Island, Broken Bow, and Lincoln have adopted this technology to … Read more
  • Content Area Standards & Instruction Updates
    This session will provide an update related to content area standards, including a revised timeline for standards revision and implementation. This session will also provide key updates and information related to the Nebraska Instructional Materials Collaborative and preview strategies included within Nebraska’s Framework for School Renewal and Acceleration.
  • Copying and Pasting is Not Enough for a Bullying Policy
    Bullying policies in Nebraska need significant updates, as many policies are copied from one district to another. This current practice reduces the impact of bullying prevention on local school communities. For bullying policies to be effective they must be crafted to meet the best standards of practice, follow guidelines set forth by legislation, cater to … Read more
  • CTSOs: Opportunities of a Lifetime!
    The 7 Career & Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs) in Nebraska continue to provide student members with the ‘Opportunity of a Lifetime’ through competitive events, leadership development, community service, and much more! Hear from several CTSO State Advisers about these opportunities and the impact these organizations are having in your school, community, and across Nebraska!
  • Cultivating Purposeful Professional Learning for Educators of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students
    This session will introduce participants to the asynchronous professional learning opportunities, collaborative coaching, and professional learning supports offered by the International Coalition for Multilingual Education and Equity.  Grounded in research, we will demonstrate how our professional learning and curriculum enhancement packets support strong professional development opportunities for teachers in their local context through support for … Read more
  • Dotting the i’s, Crossing the t’s and meeting Kids Needs
    This session will focus on the purpose for having good special education policies and procedures in place.  With well-defined policies and procedures, the practice of providing special education services and supports to students will be more effective.  NDE staff will share the new Technical Assistance Document for writing Policies and Procedures in special education and … Read more
  • Draft Accreditation Rule – Opportunities for Continuous Improvement
    School leaders know the importance of Continuous Improvement.  Innovators in education embrace Continuous Improvement as a fluid practice that expands and refines school system efforts. Participants will learn the latest information regarding the draft rules for Accreditation and Accountability, future steps in the rule making process, and will have an opportunity to ask questions.
  • Draft Approval, Accreditation, and Accountability Rule Update
    Come and learn where the Department is in the rule making process for the draft Approval, Accreditation, and Accountability rules. A high level overview and identification of focus areas based on feedback will be discussed. You will also learn about the process and timeline that will keep this work moving forward. Ask questions and be … Read more
  • Educator Effectiveness Within Continuous Improvement: The Integration of Supporting Educator Effectiveness through Development (S.E.E.D.) and District Growth
    Through the intersection of Educator Effectiveness and Continuous Improvement, the NDE is committed to supporting individual school systems in Nebraska to build upon continuous improvement processes. Learn how the  S.E.E.D. and Accreditation teams are working together to strengthen the connections between accreditation and approval educator effectiveness to allow for a more personalized, purposeful, and efficient … Read more
  • Educator Effectiveness: Implementing Supporting Educator Effectiveness through Development (S.E.E.D.) to Grow Systems
    Districts and schools with high-quality educator effectiveness systems examine their current reality by leveraging unique data in an environment of shared responsibility and ownership among all stakeholders. If you want to know the development and shifts in educator effectiveness through this innovative S.E.E.D. System, please join us in this session. The NDE is committed to removing compliance … Read more
  • Educator Effectiveness: Utilizing Supporting Educator Effectiveness through Development (S.E.E.D.) Rubrics as a Formative Assessment of Growth
    Effective rubrics are tools to be used as a formative assessment to guide a support and development process in real-time that leads to reflective partnerships in professional practice. The S.E.E.D. rubrics are designed to promote individual ownership of growth and empower districts to maximize the impact of their teachers and school leaders. If you want to know … Read more
  • Educator Effectiveness: Utilizing Supporting Educator Effectiveness through Development (S.E.E.D.) to Grow Teachers
    Effective teacher support and development opportunities must be underpinned by each teacher’s sense of belonging, being seen, and being heard. If you lead or coordinate professional development, this session will offer slides, facilitator guidance, and a participant guide to support professional learning. Expanding your knowledge of the Nebraska Teacher Performance Standards (NTPPS) Sowing the Seeds professional learning resources will allow … Read more
  • Educator Effectiveness:Utilizing Supporting Educator Effectiveness through Development (S.E.E.D.) to Grow Principals
    Effective leaders know the greatest impact is realized when authentic, non-compliance driven processes in schools are supported within a system.  If you lead or coordinate professional development, this session will offer slides, facilitator guidance, and a participant guide to support professional learning. Expanding your knowledge of the Nebraska Principal Performance Standards (NTPPS) Sowing the Seeds professional learning resources will … Read more
  • ESSER Budget Roadmap
    Walk through Opp Labs budget roadmap tool, provide technical assistance, GMS support.
  • Every Five Years, an Opportunity of a Lifetime
    Schools that follow the Nebraska Framework Model of Continuous Improvement must host an External Visit once every five years. If the 2021-2022 School year presents you with the Opportunity to HOST or LEAD a visit, then this session is for you! As a school, you will learn how to prepare for a Framework External Visit. … Read more
  • Feeling swamped with school tasks…get help with the School Safety Academy
    This presentation will provide an overview of the development of the School Safety Academy. The School Safety Academy will provide support to assist schools in the development and sustainment of your comprehensive
  • Finding the Courage to Move Forward from Trauma into the Next School Year
    The 2020-2021 school year was filled with unprecedented challenges for administrators and school staff.  The trauma experienced has left nerves frazzled and concerns regarding the resilience required for successfully moving forward into the 21-22 year.  Join Paul as he shares his thoughts and practical ideas on helping staff muster courage in the face of residual … Read more
  • Foundations of Reading: Nebraska’s Revised College- and Career-Ready Standards for ELA
    This interactive session will explore significant revisions to print concepts, fluency, phonological awareness, and phonics and word analysis in Nebraska’s 2021 College- and Career-Ready Standards for English Language Arts. Participants will learn more about the implications for classroom instruction and the role of instructional materials in supporting young readers who struggle. 
  • How to be a $igDis….PRO!
    This session is to describe the process the Office of Special Education has for identifying districts  with significant disproportionality, significant discrepancy and disproportionate representation.  What this means for a district and what does the cautionary zone mean.  The financial impact of being Significantly Disproportionate and the use of CCEIS funds. Will also look at what … Read more
  • Information, Data, and Technology, Oh my! Three year Road Map to the Future!
    The pandemic highlighted the critical importance of agile approaches, instant access to information for action, and the realization of the critical importance of technology as a supporting resource to enable options. To prepare for the future, ensure equity of access to resources, and to modernize the available technology in Nebraska, the NDE, in collaboration with … Read more
  • Intentional Family Engagement Strategy: Community Cafe
    A Community Cafe provides the opportunity to talk with, listen to, and work alongside families. Join us for a session focused Community Cafes, an open and intentional approach to Family Engagement. You will have the opportunity to learn firsthand about the impact from parents, service providers, and local residents, as well as discuss how this … Read more
  • Invest in Our Future: Early Childhood Investment Opportunities
    This presentation will provide a variety of resources and information to help guide school districts in making investment decisions in their early childhood programs. Research has continued to prove that for every $1 invested in early childhood education there is an average return of $7. Join this presentation to get ideas that will guide you … Read more
  • It All Starts with a Plan: Components and Considerations for HAL Programs
    HAL programs across Nebraska are all unique, but they have one thing in common– a plan. This session will explore the components of a successful plan for a HAL program and factors to consider when evaluating HAL programs. Attendees will go home with resources and templates for designing new or revamping current HAL programs.
  • Keynote
    Commissioner Matthew Blomstedt and Distinguished Guests with Welcome from Maureen Nickels
  • Legislative Update
    This session will provide information on state and federal legislation.
  • Maximizing Your ESSER Funding to Build Social Emotional Learning Supports
    Be sure to have the Resources (link below) open on a new tab before you begin the video. There is a fresh urgency and new opportunity to invest in SEL, including support for students’ learning and development, educator well-being, family and community partnerships, and more inclusive and equitable learning environments. The historic levels of K-12 … Read more
  • Meaningful Family Connections Made Easy
    Are you interested in maximizing two-way communication with families? The Every Student Succeeds Act, IDEA, and the Office of Civil Rights require meaningful parental engagement in a language parents understand. In this session, district and building administrators will experience how TransACT Parent Notices’ new SIS integration feature can be used to connect with families on … Read more
  • Nebraska’s OER Commons site, a great FREE opportunity.
    Nebraska’s OER Commons provides access to FREE standards aligned digital learning resources for all Nebraska districts to use. Come learn about how OER is progressing in the K-12 space across the U.S. and how you can leverage OER to find high quality instructional materials while saving your district money on curriculum implementation costs.
  • NeMTSS, Continuous Improvement Opportunity of a Lifetime
    NeMTSS is more than just a shiny object.  It is Building, Implementing, and Sustaining a Strong System of Support for all Learners, Staff, and Families.  Come learn more about this Opportunity of a Lifetime!
  • NSCAS ACT State Testing for Spring 2022
    ACT staff will provide information pertaining to the spring 2022 administration of the NSCAS ACT, including information about key tasks and milestones, as well as online testing opportunities, and the online reporting system.
  • NSCAS Growth Q&A
    This session is not available online. We apologize for the inconvenience. NDE staff will answer questions about the transition to NSCAS Growth. Participants should have participated in the previous general session about NSCAS Innovation.
  • NSCAS Innovation
    Presentation will reintroduce NSCAS Growth with a high level overview of the transition and benefits of the new assessment model. Will empower district/school leaders with resources to introduce NSCAS Growth to their staff and provide guidance for the use of communication resources to reach additional stakeholders.
  • NSCAS Science-Building a Coherent System of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
    Become familiar with the NSCAS Science Assessment System and its implications on classroom instruction and student learning.  Discover connections between NSCAS summative and classroom formative tasks, processes, and instructional pedagogy. Walk away with access to the NDE formative classroom task repository, “look-fors” to support your classroom observations, and tips to guide a strong culture of … Read more
  • NSCAS Update 2021-22
    NDE staff will provide an overview of information about statewide assessment for the 2021-22 school year. 
  • Preview and Give Us Your Input on the New NDE School-Family-Community Engagement Framework
    Are you looking for ways to improve your school’s ability to build Positive Partnerships and Relationships to improve student learning? Join this session to take a look at the most recent draft of the new NDE School Family Community Engagement Framework aligned to the AQuESTT tenet focused on this work. We are seeking your input … Read more
  • Professional Learning Opportunities in 2021 & Formative Assessment Supports Network
    Attendees will learn about the Certified Facilitator program and the opportunities for professional learning supporting summative and interim assessments during the 2021-22 school year. Attendees will be introduced to the Formative Assessment Supports Network.  Come learn what is available from NDE to support your professional learning needs for 2021-22. 
  • Putting our Money Where our Mouth Is: Equity in ESSER
    What are the requirements in ESSER III for serving historically marginalized students? What do we even mean when we say “historically marginalized”? Actual strategies for ELs, SWD, culturally relevant pedagogy. 
  • Revamping Perceptions: Content and Process Revisions for the Perceptual Survey
    Learn about the history of the NDE Perceptual Survey and current revision efforts from Data Cadre Team members. This thoughtful process for selecting items and building new construct measures includes input from members of ESU’s, NeMTSS, and the Office for Coordinated Students Support Services.
  • Revised ELA Standards and Differentiation for High Ability Learners
    Revised ELA Standards and Differentiation for High Ability Learners
  • School Finance Update
    We will cover the finance material you need to keep your district up to date on financial changes for the upcoming year, ESSERS, key upcoming dates, etc. Of course there may also be a “Dad Joke” or two thrown in!
  • State of Nebraska CTE
    This session will discuss exciting updates within Nebraska Career and Technical Education. Whether it’s revising standards, connecting to workforce needs, providing supports through Perkins funds, and connecting to the 8 strategic priorities you will discover the opportunities that CTE provides for your students to prepare for their futures. 
  • Students On The Move!
    Migratory families move from state to state in order for the parent/guardian/youth to engage in agriculture or fishing employment. The migratory lifestyle causes significant disruption of children’s education and can increase health needs. The Title IC Migrant Education Program is a federally funded state operated program that provides supplemental educational services for eligible migrant children and … Read more
  • Supporting Mental Health in Schools
    The challenge of addressing the mental health needs of Nebraska’s children and youth through a comprehensive continuum of services being available statewide has come to the forefront in recent years. Schools are meeting this challenge through partnerships with various systems, including the state’s Behavioral Health Regions, Educational Service Units, local service providers, community coalitions and … Read more
  • Surviving with a Little Help from your Friends: Psychological First Aid – How Schools and ESU’s Collaborate to Build Safety Systems
    Psychological First Aid for Schools connects to all facets of the School Safety system: Prevention, Preparedness, Response and Recovery.  PFA works in the before, during, and after phases of an incident and is an evidenced-based practice.  It will be one component of the school emergency operations plan.
  • The Draft Approval Rule, an Opportunity to Take a Deeper Dive
    The NDE is required to accredit and/or approve all schools in Nebraska, guided by current Rule 10: Regulations and Procedures for the Accreditation of Schools and Rule 14: Regulations and Procedures for the Legal Operation of Approved Nonpublic Schools.  The Department has released a draft approval rule that would merge Rule 10 and Rule 14 … Read more
  • The four most dangerous words…
    Ever stop and think about the four most dangerous words and what you can do about them to keep your school safe? This session will expound on possibilities to address the four words and what you and your school staff can do to enhance the safety in your school. Four strategies for the four most … Read more
  • The Mysteries of Certification Revealed
    Nothing will be held back as the mysteries of certification in Nebraska (and TEACH) will be revealed and your questions answered. If you or someone you know is certified as an administrator or teacher, you will not want to miss this session!
  • The Total Financial Literacy Makeover: How to Leverage Financial Literacy Standards in K-12
    During this session, administrators will receive a brief overview of financial literacy, what teaching the standards look like at grade levels K-8, the differences between financial literacy in CTE and social studies, and how to leverage the expertise of both CTE and social studies educators to make financial literacy topics come alive, deepen student understanding, … Read more
  • Totally Tabular! Social Studies and the Nebraska Instructional Materials Collaborative
    The Nebraska Instructional Materials Collaborative now has a tab dedicated to social studies and corresponding instructional materials. During this session, explore and receive detailed information about the resources provided under this new tab. Also, develop an understanding on how district leaders and educators can use the social studies tab to help inform and deepen their … Read more
  • Using ESSER III To Grow & Enhance Sustainable Afterschool and Summer Programs
    Attend this workshop to discuss new opportunities to create new or enhance existing afterschool and summer programs via ESSER III funding.  This new program, modeled on the 21st CCLC program, will be a public-private partnership that is jointly administered by NDE and Nebraska Children and Families Foundation and other partners and is designed to create … Read more
  • Using Student Data to Inform ESSER
    Participants will take an inventory of data from this past year and before (4 types of data), determine trends and outline needs, strategize goals for desired state. 
  • What do you need to know about Data Privacy and Security: It’s Phishing Season
    School districts in Nebraska are continually targeted by cyber attacks. Successful attacks may inflict heavy financial losses, waste time while compromised systems are repaired and restored, and erode public confidence
  • Why the Canvas Consortium & Catalog Learning Network Are an Amazing Opportunity for Your District!
    The NDE has an amazing opportunity to move your district into the next era of digital learning. Come and learn more about how Nebraska public and non-public districts can use Canvas to improve learning, communication and outcomes for teachers, parents and students. The Canvas LMS simplifies teaching and learning by connecting all the digital tools … Read more
  • Your Opportunity to Learn Everything about GMS for Federal Programs!
    The Grant Management System (GMS) doesn’t have to be the enemy.  In this session you will learn what’s new and how to navigate the system for completing applications for federal programs. This will be worth your time so when your district needs to fill out applications and request reimbursements it will be EASY!